Santa Barbara


Hearing your baby’s first words, a pat on the back from your boss, a big hug from your dear friend, these are but simple things that make you feel good about life, simple joys that make life worth living for. The best things in life need not be expensive. Even the most basic can bring forth happiness and satisfaction.

This is what Communities Philippines aspires in its newest project in downtown Cagayan de Oro – SANTA BARBARA. It’s about the experience, the realization, and the joy of being part of it , “FEEL GOOD LIVING” .

This 7-hectare development in Kauswagan is inspired by the rich architectural heritage of Southern California conceived to bring affordable living spaces in a luxurious setting. This new project is master planned to offer families choices that fit the way they would want to live: from single-detached 2-storey homes to rows of duetto and townhouses with pocket gardens and courtyards at every bit and turn that enhance the overall streetscape.

Going home should always be a delightful experience. Amidst a busy and stressful work life, one looks forward to going home to share a relaxing and happy moment with one’s family or friends or perhaps a blissful moment with oneself. But this can only happen if one feels good in being home, that is, if harmonious relations exist and if the environ provides the right setting for one to feel good. Santa Barbara will give urban living a bit of twist as going home becomes a unique experience, an event that gives a different perspective in life each day. The moment you enter the gates of Santa Barbara, you can’t help but feel good. Its basic features is elevated into a seemingly luxurious setting with the lush landscape, tree-lined pathways (mostly palms) elegantly built clubhouse and gazeboes, manicured gardens and pocket parks and the refreshing tones of the various homes and townhouses all around. You treasure every moment being in Santa Barbara as you gaze through the beauty in its simplicity. And the only thing that you will tell yourself is “BE HERE, LIVE HERE”.

Santa Barbara is another themed development of Communities Philippines, the first Manila-based developer to transform the countryside with over 16 residential developments all over the Philippines and the developer of GRAN EUROPA, the largest residential development in Cagayan de Oro City. Communities Philippines is a subsidiary of Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc, the largest homebuilder in the country today with over 100,000 homes built in the last 32 years.

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